India and Australia – Structuring Matters (Online Only)

Event Details:

India and Australia – Structuring Matters

Date and Time: Tuesday, 24 May 2022 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Session 1: Indian Tax Structuring Matters – Presented by Umesh Gosar from Umesh P. Gosar & Associates, Chartered Accountants, India

Session 2: Australian Implications of Cross Border Transactions – Presented by Prerak Patel from Simple Answers

Building on the Corporate Tax Reporting Update and Hybrid Mismatch, please join us for an insightful evening on India Australia Tax Structuring matters. The presentation will include two practitioners over India and Australia to convene this session. Please join Umesh Gosar, CA practitioner from India and Prerak Patel, CA practitioner from Sydney to cover some of the issues that are faced as a result of assets or income streams held across the two jurisdictions.

We are hoping to have an engaging session to further the understanding on cross jurisdictional matters and issues faced in the current times.

About the Speakers:

Umesh Gosar, FCA, ICAI

Umesh is the Founder and CEO of Umesh P. Gosar & Associates, Chartered Accountants and has rendered services in all practice areas of audit, tax, Mergers & Acquisition, Corporate Finance, Tax structuring, Corporate Restructuring and Resolution of Stressed Assets, dealing with a clientele which includes large listed entities and companies in micro small and medium enterprises sector in India and Overseas.

Umesh keeps has lectured at several forums at conferences held by Chartered Accountant study groups and Industry bodies within India and overseas and contributes through regular publication of Weekly articles in newsletters, journals and regional newspapers. He is also a Member of International Bodies and Domestic Bodies such as International Fiscal Association, Indo Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Small and Medium Business Development Chamber of India.

Prerak Patel, CA, CAANZ

Prerak has more than 25 years’ experience in the accounting profession including significant time with boutique accounting firms and Big 4. Prerak is an Australian Chartered Accountant and has provided consulting services to several businesses within Australia, whether they are privately managed or multinational organisations on tax structuring, asset protection, compliance matters and Cloud Accounting.

Prerak has managed multi-national ATO audits and facilitated submission of investment proposals with the Australian Foreign Investment Board. Prerak provides proactive and practical advice to high networth individuals and on Australian tax treatment matters for cross border transactions including immovable properties in India and other income streams.


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