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Our Activities


Professional Development Programs


Professional Development Programs (3 monthly sessions) conducted by leading speakers from the Commerce, and Industry covering a wide range of topics dealing with technical, commercial, and trade-related matters, leadership, accounting standard, and taxation.



Unique platform through our international conference which is our annual marquee event where we invite speakers from the wide spectrum of professional accounting bodies, consultancy firms, financial institutions, and the competent authorities from India and Australia to talk on various topical matters.


Social Responsibility


Provide quarterly newsletters which focus more on the current events affecting the Australian economy. Contribute to the community by actively organising social responsibility events such as Blood Donation Drives, Clean up Australia, and Wellbeing community events (Yoga) for the benefit of the members and the community at large.

Family Gettogether


Celebrate the spirit of Diwali through our annual event for the members and their families with esteemed guests from different professional bodies, and state and federal government authorities. Organise sessions for new migrants to facilitate their transition into Australia.

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  • Avail up to 70 CPD hours in a year
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